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Fall Bird Watching in Duluth

Peregrine Falcon in Flight against a Blue SkyAs the days become shorter and cooler the impressive raptor migration begins in Duluth. While the brilliant autumn foliage attracts many visitors, it also marks the beginning of the Fall bird watching season. The diverse landscape in and around Duluth creates habitats for a wide variety of bird species. Bird watching enthusiasts come each year to explore the rivers, lakes, forests and shorelines. In addition to large nature reserves, multiple parks and scenic highways, fantastic bird watching can also be found within the city itself. Discover all the amazing bird watching locations listed in the detailed Duluth Audubon Society’s birding map. The viewing opportunities are endless and make Duluth a premier bird-watching destination. The Historic Inns of Duluth offer guests a choice of six elegant historic Bed and Breakfasts. Each inn has its own unique beauty and includes wonderful homemade breakfasts served with exceptional hospitality. Choose the perfect location for your birding getaway this fall. 

Duluth Bird Watching Locations

If the 30 bird watching locations on the Duluth Audubon Society’s map  is not enough,Great horned owl with sky background Minnesota Trails also lists 51 birding sites. These include locations along the North Shore such as Gooseberry Falls, Iona’s Beach and Split Rock Lighthouse. Adventurous birders have no shortage of opportunities within downtown Duluth and the surrounding parks.

If you want more information about the birds of the region, Duluth has several options. One of the best known is Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory. This nature reserve has miles of hiking trails and hosts events and educational workshops. However, the cliffs overlooking East Duluth grant viewers spectacular views of migrating hawks. Traveling from as far as the Arctic, large numbers of raptors migrate to this bluff during the autumn months. Over 20 species of these magnificent birds can be spotted here including eagles, falcons, owls and hawks. They also hold wonderful informative events such as the Hawk Weekend Festival on September 20th to 22nd, followed by The Science and Wonder of Bird Migration Workshop and very special evening owl programs

An adult red-tailed hawk flies into the sun on a bright blue sky dayThe Duluth Audubon Society is also a great resource, with tips for those new to birding and a comprehensive bird viewing map. Stop by one of their regular meetings or attend one of the interesting events. The Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center also offers unique workshops for birder such as Bird Banding Courses and evening owl banding class. The over 2,000 acres park with trails, forests, lakes and rivers welcomes visitors to just drop in for the day. Plan your visit with their detailed, interactive map of this special location. 

Return from your bird watching adventures to a beautiful Bed and Breakfast in the heart of Duluth. Choose from six exceptional inns with excellent service and accommodations. The Historic Inns of Duluth offer all the comfort and luxury you’ll need for an unforgettable bird watching escape this fall.  


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